Be Change is a non-profit organization that is securing an equal education for inner-city children. With efforts focused on some of Sacramento’s roughest neighborhoods and most underserved elementary schools, Founder Jason Harper is creative and compassionate in his approach. Addressing the four systemic causes for poverty, Harper and his team have built a stable platform that is assisting in raising the academic performance of every child.

“Whether urban or suburban, every child deserves and equal education,” Harper stated. “Growing up in poverty can directly affect whether or not a child gets a great education. We are removing every barrier, from healthcare to hunger, that may prevent a child from optimal academic performance.”

Low performance in school can be traced to four key areas; access to health and dental care, emotional wellness, fitness and nutrition, and literacy. Be Change counters those condition with resource and people-power.

By serving the whole child, the heart and soul of the community is being transformed. Great efforts are transforming underserved elementary schools one student at a time. Because of the amazing staff and intentional strategy to assure every child gets an equal education, kids are seeing that the future can be bright.



I Never

In working with the kids over the past couple of years, we have discovered that due to the sociological battle they live in every day, there are a number of things they have never done or seen. We have been able to identify 8 profound “I Nevers” in which they face.

I’ve Never…
1. Been out of my neighborhood
2. Been out of California
3. Been camping
4. Seen the ocean
5. Owned a pair of NIKE’S (or new pair of shoes)
6. Stayed in a hotel
7. Seen a college campus
8. Believed college was possible….

We decided to take a stand against society and show the kids that these items are all within their reach. Out of this birthed the “I Never Trip”. In June of 2009 we took 20 of our Be Change runners from Oak Ridge Elementary, who demonstrated the best attitude, attendance and academic achievement on a trip of a lifetime.

The Nike headquarters as well as University of Oregon heard about our efforts and invited us on a personal tour of their facilities. While on the tour at Nike, the kids each received a brand new pair of Nike’s and were invited to participate in a study.

Although the kids were excited to own their first new pair of Nike’s, the most impacting event of the trip was their tour of the mind-blowing athletic facilities of University of Oregon. While standing in the middle of the weight room, one of the kids shouted out “I want to be a Duck some day!” This was confirmation that these kids finally grasp the fact that college if possible. The trip was a success.

Since the first “I Never Trip,” we have taken students to UCLA, USC, Stanford, Cal Berkeley, and other destinations that have inspired ideas and dreams in the minds and hearts of the students.

76c1fd1c823c59488146810657e5803fRun Club

In the effort to address and enhance the physical well being of inner city students, Be Change Run Club was introduced as a fitness and nutrition activity. Our mission is to equip our student runners to become leaders in their school and communities by emphasizing academics, attendance, and a positive attitude. Each student is taught the value of physical fitness and nutritional awareness. We currently have four Be Change Run Clubs on four different elementary schools around the Sacramento area. A large number of schools have approached us and inquired about how to get the Be Change Run Club started on their campus.


Run It Forward

Run It Forward educates on fitness, nutrition and the value of health and dental care for America’s children. RIF is where education and endurance collide. As a nonprofit, RIF stretches the limits of human endurance, tenacity and community outreach on behalf of America’s schools.

Project Fit

A platform for free elementary school running programs that will encourage and develop youth fitness. Project Fit running program provides an emphasis on running games and challenge courses that include track and field themes such as running, throwing, long jump, etc.

Power Song? What Is Yours?

Rare is the moment when I run and I don’t have my Beats By Dre crammed in my ear holes.  In the darkness of early morning along a single wide canyon trail, my head lamp lights my path and my music lights my run.  If you have ran for any significant time, I am... read more

Thankful for our friends at #besomebody

Congrats to @KashShaikh and #besomebody.  I can’t wait to get to the launch weekend and be a part of this movement.  Be Change is passionate about running and can’t wait to speak and move people to the next level of going All IN on their passion. Be... read more
98% Finishers.  Why not you? Why not now?

98% Finishers. Why not you? Why not now?

The numbers are stunning. Reflecting, the names and faces and cumulative miles are staggering.  Since 2005, Be Change has been running on behalf of equality in education. It started because we loved an inner city school and wanted to see the children of that school... read more

Saturday Run Location

Each Saturday at 6AM our running groups leave from this location. All levels of fitness and training distances are welcome.  We meet at 5:55AM offer fuel, hydration, and clear direction as to where the leaders will route that week’s run.  Runners training for... read more
Think. Believe. Achieve.

Think. Believe. Achieve.

I pulled into the last meeting of my day.  On most days, by 4:30PM my mind is mush.  Twelve to thirteen hours into my day, the last thing I usually look forward is an end of the day meeting.  But today was different.  Walking into Starbucks, I didn’t know what... read more


We are so excited that you have decided to RUN FOR A REASON! You are helping to change the life of an inner-city child. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!  Today I will send a separate email to registered runners with the training schedules as well as the Be Change packet.... read more
Mark Your Calendars

Mark Your Calendars

Be Change Runners!! It’s almost time! A week from today your journey begins! Whether you are running a full marathon, half marathon or a relay, you are committing to 18 weeks of training to not only better yourself, but better the life of a child. Last Monday an email... read more
It’s Almost TIme

It’s Almost TIme

Be Change Runners!! It’s almost time!  Welcome to your first Monday email! Registered Be Change runners will receive an email every Monday with miles for the week, motivation, and training tips. T-2 weeks until training starts! Now is the time to start getting ready... read more